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Do you enjoy paying utility bills?  We didn't think so and can show you how to do something about it!  

Help is coming up over the horizon every day!

Gulf Coast Solar, Inc., engineers, installs, and sevices solar thermal, electric, and well pumping systems to save you money and support national energy independence. 

We use proven technologies that harness the South’s abundant sunlight to reduce utility bills and national dependence on imported fuels.

Using the sun where we can lessens the need for importing LNG and worsening our trade balance.  It just makes common sense.  The continued rapid increase of electric and gas prices makes it financially sensible, too.  This website is oriented to information and education.

Solar, It's a Natural!

Solar energy systems are the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective way for:

  1. Homeowners to save money, energy, and increase home values by lowering their cost of ownership
  2. Businesses to control utility costs
  3. Builders to increase profits and attract clients with value-added energy-efficient construction
  4. Utilities to reduce peak loads, emissions, and fuel costs
  5. Developers to realize economic and tax incentives
This website is meant to be educational to show how solar can be used.

Federal Tax Benefits Extended!

The federal 30% income tax credit for residential and commercial solar hot water or PhotoVoltaic electric systems are extended through 2016 without caps or AMT restrictions  These improved incentives greatly accelerate system paybacks.  See the link to the DSIRE database on the right for state-specific details.

For example, a
residential solar HW system installed for $6,000 will qualify for a $1,800 federal income tax credit.  That is on top of the energy savings from the system itself.  The sooner you install your system, the sooner you start saving on utility costs.  Energy prices are going up while you wait!

An excellent summary of the residential and commercial provisions of the  can be found at the Florida Solar Energy Center's website.  All of our installed components are on the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC)'s lists of systems approved for tax credit qualifications.
Call or email for more details on how to maximize your energy $ savings.

We don’t dislike electricity and natural gas.  We just think they're best saved for air conditioning and barbequing!

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